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When bragging about yourself is acceptable?


Bragging about yourself is going to be discussed in this article, as there’s acceptable bragging and non-acceptable one. Knowing the difference is key. Since we’re young, we were taught that bragging isn’t nice. Bragging about what you have, can make others feel inferior; but is there a situation where bragging is acceptable? When and where should we stop bragging?

Acceptable bragging

Bragging can feel empowering; it can work like self-affirmation in theory in which words are given the ultimate power over one’s self-worth. Telling yourself you’re handsome and strong, and a hard worker can eventually let you believe your mighty powerfulness.  

As time goes by, there’s a time and a place for everything. There’s a time to brag about your promotion and a time to brag about your acceptance into the college you’ve been working hard to get into. This way, bragging about yourself is acceptable.

So, when is it acceptable to brag? Bragging about your accomplishments doesn’t necessarily need a when factor. You brag about your accomplishments when they happen. Tell the world about landing your dream job and how hard you worked to get there. Brag about the delicious meal you just cooked up for dinner. This way, bragging about yourself is acceptable.

When bragging is not acceptable

The act of bragging or being proud of your achievements isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The bad stigma of it comes from how easily bragging can hurt others’ feelings. For example, when it comes to bragging about being rich to the poor. Sometimes, people brag about what makes them appear superior to others. This is where bragging can easily get nasty. However, there is nothing wrong with bragging about acing that hard test. In addition, you can flaunt your accomplishments without making others feel bad about their lack of accomplishments. And who knows, showing what you achieved can inspire others to achieve the same greatness. This way, bragging about yourself is not acceptable.

Bragging at work

It is not appropriate at all that you brag about yourself; instead, let others talk about your academic or business accomplishments. For example, in a company where you work, don’t do the bragging, but let your good work talk about you. You can brag only when you are in a stressful dispute or discussion with someone who does not know your social status and your achievements. On the other hand, when you apply for a job, you should well prepare well and be full of confidence. Then, in the interview, you have to be puffed up with pride so that you exude confidence and reflect competence.

Bragging about yourself is dangerous

We can say that in psychology, the word bragging or boastfulness is equivalent to narcissism. The latter pertains to a state of incessant bragging and excessive pride. In narcissism, people are more subject to total individuality that keeps pushing them to show off. As a matter of fact, there is another dangerous type of braggers, namely the humble ones. In addition, those who are modest braggers can show off or boast in a way that hurts other people. For instance, a student in a college can score high marks; as a consequence, he talks about his achievements that he had attained without revising or doing his homework. This modest bragging is dangerous because it makes those who work hard feel resentful or sometimes disappointed. thus, bragging about yourself is not acceptable.

Latent bragging

There is what we can call “latent bragging”; it is when you talk about your achievements indirectly to others. For example, you start talking about a specific story and then at a certain point you intervene to save a person from danger. This sort of indirect bragging gives the impression that the narrator of the story sees himself as a hero. A hero who can beat all enemies and save people from danger. This way, bragging about yourself is not acceptable.


One should be cautious when and where to brag lest he harms others by words of superiority and boastfulness. for more info on this topic, you can see this link.

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