Nightmares are one of the most psychological symptoms of COVID-19. The coronavirus has not only disrupted people’s lives, but it has also permeated their dreams to threaten their psyches. That is, people started to have nightmares. Indeed, the coronavirus has managed to have a negative impact on various aspects of the lives of millions of people around the world. As it seems that this virus has created psychological stress and anxiety.

Facebook uncovers people with constant nightmares

By following certain pages on social media (Facebook), we notice that there are a certain number of discussions around the stories of people. Those who had bad dreams were caused by the stress of Coronavirus. Most of the testimonies came in the form of nightmares; they highlight the depicted face of a microscopic object that monitors the innocence of the world.

Many Facebook posts confirmed that people’s dreams and nightmares are a reflection of what people experienced throughout the coronavirus crisis. This is due to the fact that TV channels, radio stations, and social media sites saw terror in people. However, these social media channels are playing an essential role in sensitizing people about the importance of health isolation.

Expert views on dreams caused by the coronavirus epidemic

Experts in clinical psychology say that this phenomenon finds its interpretation mainly in the field of cognitive psychology. This subject is known as the “mental poisoning phenomenon” resulting from the tracing of excessive news related to the pandemic. This one, in turn, creates additional curiosity in the search for news in an exaggerated way. This results in amplifying the fear in people, and therefore, nightmares.

Some experts have explained that children’s class directly deals with facts and sensory processing; it then merges them as sensory input that turns into mental content; the brain functions as an exciter, including feelings of fear and anxiety. In this regard, experts recommended avoiding over-discussing the negative aspects of the Corona pandemic crisis in front of children, and not dramatize things in their eyes by sending them unhealthy messages such as “Corona implies immediate death “.

Psychology and nightmares

With regard to the adult segment, experts considered that nightmares are mainly present in the dreams of people with a history of psychiatric illness or who are in a state of fear and anxiety. Psychological speaking, people with anxiety and fear are more amenable to have nightmares in their everyday dream. Nervosity can increase in people who are under quarantine. So, those people should respect their daily intake of drugs so that their nervosity does not increase.

In fact, people should exercise at home for fighting stress and anxiety. They have to stay away from bad news that increases high dosages of fear in them. Those fragile people should get away from social media. They have to listen and watch happy movies and good video tracks. That is, Facebook users should be aware of the negative implications of hyperconnectivity.


Indeed, hyperconnectivity to social media engenders a state of anxiety and stress. People should keep away from social media which sows terror and fear. For more info about the negative sides of coronavirus, see this article.

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